Talent Drips Erotic Publishings December 2010 Fiction contest   December 1, 2010 - December 27, 2010

Contest Completed


1st place in Talent Drips Erotic Publishings December 2010 contest! - No words.


Talent Drips Erotic Publishings is back and looking for erotic poems and stories that makes you want to look around and see whose watching before you keep reading!

Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual works are particularly considered - but not the only pieces I look for. Poetry and Fantasy are also considered. HOWEVER, IF YOU SUBMIT POETRY, PLEASE MAKE IT 30 LINES OR LESS!!! And Fantasy submitters, mythical creatures having pointless sex is NOT a turn-on for me. I'm looking for more romantic, still erotic, but ORIGINAL plots from submitters than 'the beast takes the submissive maiden and rams her' stuff.

No explicit sexual scenes with no plot whatsoever, stories of unwanted sexual intercourse, child molestation, bestality, or prostitution accepted - why are you trying to scare everyone?!?

See http://ashygirlforgirls.tripod.com/talentdripseroticpublishings for the August 2010 winners and get a feel for what I like.


Published in the E-Zine for a year; $10 for accepted poetry, $15 for accepted short stories. Payments can be expected in February of the following year (sorry, bad economy and all that).


Cleveland, OH


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Created Nov 27, 2010