Tales of the Reaper  May 22, 2011 - June 19, 2011

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This contest is quite simple. I want to hear your stories of the Grim Reaper.

Whether it be someone running from the Reaper (or bargaining for life), someone cursed by the Reaper, Someone taking over for the Reaper, or even of the Reaper him/herself. Surprise me!

I will request that it be a Short Story only. No Poems, to multi-chapter books, (although I don't mind if it is a specific chapter in a book, just not the whole book), No Screen/Stage plays. Just a decent sized story. How decent sized is up to you.

I will allow Erotica should you desire, although I am not too keen on it, so my judging will be biased there. Comedy is a no-no. It must be more in tune with the mood associated with the Reaper.

The best stories will be judged by me. There will be a Multitude of Awards, so even if you don't win top place, there will still be a chance at a consolation prize.

I look forward to your entries.


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Perth, Australia


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Created May 21, 2011

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