Tantalizingly Delicious  June 28, 2011 - July 11, 2011

Contest Completed


Grand Prize - Tending To Fire
1st Place - Nymph
2nd Place - The Darkest Temptation
Third Place - Lust for the Silent Soul
Honorable Mention - Woman On Fire
Honorable Mention - The sultry temptress


The challenge: write an erotic poem. The restrictions are listed below.

1] Grammar and spelling. Please make sure you clean it up before you submit it.

2] Top quality. I expect it to be your best. This includes some detail (or no detail at all, if you prefer it to be...suggestive).

3] No all-out sex. Just hints here and there, but nothing too descriptive.

4] Please be at least sixteen or older. If you're a twelve-year-old (god forbid) writing something erotic, please don't enter. The thought makes me shudder.

Go for it, guys! :3


A review from moi, a sexy badge, and some lusty satisfaction.



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