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Almost blew a gasket - If It Were Fahrenheit 451


There's a theory widely held that to get anywhere one must destroy another person's work. While as far as science and some of the arts are concerned.

So here's your chance to destroy something that you were taught in school that you didn't like.

I would perfer poems (well short poems) because well they are short. Novels are fine and so are other forms of writings but just writing. It has to be at least 20 years old. So the Harry Potter books will just have to have wait although as much as I love them the Dark Tower first couple books are up for grabs. Please cite when the book, poem, play, and maybe moive, was made. Remember this had to have been something that you were forced to sit through because of a grade. But some pop-culutre movies need to be taken down. Damn if Forest Gump was old enough.

So give us reasons why you don't like it or think something is over-hyped (Damn that means I could read something about Star Wars Ohh nooo!) But really it has to give out a valid point then just this sucked it blows and all that nonsense. But real, or at least as real reasons why. Remember that you have to tell us what the book, movie, poem, or movie was supposed to stand for and how you think it failed. So you really have to know a lot of what you're trying to destroy. Why don't you think a protangist didn't have a good point. And other things like that.

Only story format because I think that's what the articles on writing is in but I could be wrong.

Min. 500 words max 4,000 words

The prize will be able to let go of needed frustation.


$0.00, Release and not sexual either.


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