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Teenage Emotions **can u make me tingle**  May 21, 2009 - May 30, 2009

Contest Completed


wow!!! U R RLLY GOOD!!!! i even cryed a little - Wallflowers And Expectations
I felt some tingles! good job - For You, Anita
U DID GREAT!!! (was that a tingle i felt - [writing deleted]
i loved it!!!! - Kill Me, Too
u did rlly great!!! - [writing deleted]
great job!!!! - Too much to ask
u did good!!!! - I Once Knew a Girl...
i like this piece!!! - After And Before The Storm


srry but i only want preteens or teens to enter......give me a poem or story about experiences in life.....things that hve happened in school or where evr....it can be about love, heartbreak, or aanything that has changed your life....


$0.00, Knowing that you ROCK at writing



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Created May 22, 2009