Teenage Pregnancy Writing  June 2, 2008 - October 1, 2008

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Teenage Pregnancy Writing Contest

*important note*
Even though the guidelines say all forms of writing can be submitted, I wanted to allow all types of fiction�stories, books, and chapters specifically�to be submitted. Unfortunately, you cannot give only those options�it�s all or just one.

I am offering a writing contest for fiction writers. The basic outline of this contest is to write a short story or an excerpt (i.e.: a few chapters from a longer story or book) about a teenage girl that is pregnant as a result of a rape. All writers will have their characters� names the same (outlined a little later). Writers are allowed up to four entries�four chapters, short stories, or a combination of short stories and chapters.

Detailed Rules of Entry
1. Writers are allowed up to four entries of fiction. Poetry will not be considered for prizes.

2. Characters:
i. Lidya Regal (16); victim of rape and now a pregnant teenager
ii. Troy Franzen (16); the boyfriend
iii. Janice and Terry Regal; Lidya�s parents�children: Ben (19), Cory (17), and Lidya (16)
iv. Kathleen and Rory Franzen; Troy�s step mom and biological dad�children: Violet (13) (half-sister to Troy)
v. Stacie and Greg Varden; Troy�s mom and step dad�children: Cady (12), Willy (9), Andrew (4) (all half-siblings of Troy)
vi. Troy�s �full� siblings: James (21), Tracy (17)
vii. Chase Errah (27); the rapist
viii. Brayden Ruhd, Vicky Worra, Casey Opella, Xavier Quinn; close friends of Lidya and Troy (all 16 or 17�juniors in high school)

3. All other character names can be made by the writer�including, but not limited to, lawyers, teachers, extended family, other friends, and such.

4. Setting and plot (in detail) are chosen by the writer. Things like where we meet the characters, when the rape takes place, if we read about the rape, birth, trial, etc., are completely up to the writer.

5. There are ten awards to be given out. Basic information is given on the www.writerscafe.org contest page. Only members of www.writerscafe.org are allowed entry. No cash prizes.
i. Best Overall: best in plot, characters, enjoyment, and overall mechanics�spelling, grammar, punctuation, and basic writing skills.
ii. Second: second best in plot, characters, mechanics, etc.
iii. Third: third best in plot, characters, mechanics, etc.
iv. Best In Mechanics: best spelling, grammar, punctuation, and basic writing skills
v. Best In Story Quality: best plot, characters, dialogue, emotion
vi-x. Honorable Mentions: enjoyable stories/chapters that I think deserve to be mentioned.

Any more questions? Send me a message on www.writerscafe.org from my profile (.mate.feed.kill.repeat.). ALSO, if you're thinking about entering, message me. I'm interested to see if this contest is a flop.


Experience gained from writing; great probability of a review or two; satisfaction of writing.


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.mate.feed.kill.repeat. is solely responsible for the content of this contest, including all promised prizes. Take any promises of large monetary awards with a grain of salt. Contact .mate.feed.kill.repeat. if you have any further questions.