Tell Me Science In Poem  January 7, 2008 - January 28, 2008

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The Great Poet In Science - Simple Chemistry
The Magnificent Poet In Science - [writing deleted]


All I need to read for this month are works intellectually-bounded written in poem that has compelling content with wonders by wonders of great men, philosophers, even your ideas about science. Of course those with really good ideas and thought. Hmm, if you happen to read what I am saying, please read my works Apple, Mind Me Not, Hair Beyond Cosmos, Genius Untamed, and Amphibious Sensuality. I'm not saying this are good ones but I'm craving to read some sort of those read-alike works of mine, from other good writers out there!


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Rc R. Vagilidad
Rc R. Vagilidad
Avenida Quezon Street Sibalom, Antique, Western Visayas, Philippines


Created Jan 8, 2008