Tell Me Who You Are  August 29, 2013 - September 29, 2013

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An Open Book - Sucker Punch
A Closed Book - 12 seconds to midnight
A Book - A day in the life...


Ways to tell us who you are as a poet/writer/artist:

*Fear. Tell us something about what or who you fear and how it makes you feel.
*Hate. Hate is an unusual feeling. Usually created by some act. Tell us about it.
*Love. Don't go off telling us how much you love this person or why, but more why would they love you? What makes you want to love them within yourself. How YOU feel.
*Past. Tell us a story (or poem) of what you were before. Or what made you the way you are. Can be big or little events.
*Make up your own way. Just remember, it has to be about who you are or what made you the way your are. Not about anybody else.

This should be mostly inner dialogue, but you can have other characters.

Poem or story or anything... Just not a book.

I don't care if you keep it clean or not, just make sure you make it as mature, because this contest is marked as for "everyone." Thanks.

M. Super

P.S. Please use good grammar and spelling and no special fonts or colors or excessive pictures. Contestants that don't do ALL of this will be rejected.




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