Tell Us Your Life Story.  April 16, 2012 - August 15, 2012

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My collaborator and I are seeking life stories for "The World Has Ears" project. The website can be found here:

We think "The World Has Ears" project has power potential for two reasons:
(1) It can help address issues that are repressed due to social pressures, and
(2) It can bring us together as a people when we reminisce, understand, and appreciate, the forms that life has taken for us as individuals.

Stories may be submitted though this contest, or sent directly to our email:

Stories can be anonymous and names can be changed! For titling and sorting purposes we request the minimum: gender, age, race/ethnicity, general location/country; however, you are not obligated to provide any of this. You may provide, all, some, or none... your choice :) . Think your story isn't worthy for this project? Think again! We want all stories and all perspectives. Censorship isn't required; things considered "graphic" do not have to be omitted. We want you to be as honest as you can bear.
***Stories may also be hand-written or an audio recording. If you wish to submit your story in another form, contact us and we'll accommodate your creative desires.

Know anyone who is interested in writing their story but is not a member of WritersCafe? Know someone who should be writing their life story? They need not submit it to this contest. After they have written it, they can send it directly to the email posted above.

We hope that "The World Has Ears" project will evolve into a searchable database where people all across the world may catch a glimpse of what life is truly like for someone else who might be their same age (or not) in another part of our beloved planet. It might become more than that, we'll see!

Questions? Do not hesitate to message me here on WritersCafe or send us an email.

*** For contest purposes three "winners" will be chosen at random. All life stories are equally valuable and important!


$0.00, Self-Satisfaction of Having Written Your Amazing Life Story!


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F. Nazarov
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