Tell us a story, get published!  November 10, 2014 - November 30, 2014

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We've got a Hemingway on our hands, here! - Once upon a time
Dosvedanya, Dostoevsky! - Heightened Prose
You're the (Stephen) King of Writers - The Devil's Aria
You can Checkov "write a good story" from the list of things you had to do today! - Dinosaur & Man Together at Last
You really know how to Pullman into your fictional world - Count William
I Vonne-gut to read another story by you! - [writing deleted]
This story was a real Wilde ride - [writing deleted]
Your Writing Has Edgar Allan Poe-tential - Ra'qedyet
Your story is like a runaway Twain - Birthrights
Orwell that ends well - صوت فائت


Hey everyone, we're Project Pen - a digital publisher based in Jordan and the USA, and to misquote some famous poster or another, WE WANT YOU.


Who Are 'We'?

We just launched out new website - - and at the moment we're building a story hub created by you - in Arabic and English!

We're trying to encourage creative writing across the Middle East region and beyond - and to read some really great stories while we're at it.


So, where do you come in?

Well, for this competition, we want you to send us a story (subject to our guidelines of acceptability) of up to 1000 words, and we will publish our favourite 10 on our website.


What the heck kind of kind of prize is that?

Great question!

We promote our user-submitted stories not only to our audience on our website (which has had a few thousand hits since we launched last month), but we will also do the same on our social media - where we have up to 60,000 interested fans.

We're even getting ready to publish our monthly eBooks, where we gather our favourite submissions and put them on iBooks/Kindle etc.

We're offering you, and your work exposure, and getting some of the best content on our site - yours!

The best part? YOU STILL OWN THE COPYRIGHT to your story - the story you submit could even have been submitted elsewhere.

Good luck, and whatever you do - keep writing!

For more:


Maximum of 1000 words
10 prizes - publication and promotion on
You maintain copyright


Publication on and promotion/featuring of stories!


Amman, Middle East, Jordan


37 Contestants
145 Submissions
Created Nov 9, 2014

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