Tension  October 30, 2008 - December 30, 2008

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First - Soul Expressionist - Anxiety
Second - Soul Baring - [writing deleted]
Third - Soul Sharer - Roots


When you wake up everyday from a fitful sleep, a night filled with tossing and turning, you know that the day ahead of you is going to be a little strained, if not unbearable. Each moment adds a little more tension, restricting you lung capacity, and taking away your ability to focus...
I want a piece about the moment you feel as if taking a breath is more trouble than its worth. I want to understand the moment as if I am living it. Can you capture that moment perfectly in words?

--By The Way - I will only accept Stories and Poetry. Thank you. :]


The knowledge that you are capable of sharing emotions with words.


Miss Shea
Miss Shea
Burlington, NC


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