The 'Know Who You Are' FINALS  November 30, 2007 - January 11, 2008

Contest Completed



Congratulations to the top 3 finalists of our contest. It has been a extremely difficult task of picking 1 winner.

As we explored every alternative prior to this new contest, the votes remained the highest for resubmission, rather than a "write-off" (creating a new poem and submitting that for group votes). Now it is up to you Group Members, you are the final say in which poem was the best. Keep in mind as you vote, this is NOT a popularity contest, it IS a WRITING contest. Please choose accordingly, we are all counting on you.

We ask that only the 3 finalists, notified previously, enter this contest... no other entries will be accepted. You will know if you were picked as a finalist - you would have recieved a personal message stating so.

ONLY the 3 finalists themselves know they were picked, therefore, we ask that you keep an eye on this contest to find out who they are.

I would like to congratulate everyone who took part of the "Know Who You Are" contest, once again, and hope to see an even larger turn out next time.

Thank you group members,

Poetic Infusion Society





Created Nov 26, 2007