The 7-word Challenge  April 14, 2017 - April 22, 2017

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The Master Weaver of Words - Beauty is the Beast
The Fabulous Tale Teller - [writing deleted]
The Amazing Story Spinner - [writing deleted]
The Wonderful Rhyme Reciter - Light
The Mesmerising Poem Producer - Written in stone
The Legendary Creator - Her fate
The Beautiful Writer - Beauty


Are you out of new ideas on what to write and how? Don't worry! Here's a challenge that'll put you right back on track! :)
Use the 7 words below to create a unique piece. It could ve a story, a poem, a screenplay or whatever you wish. Experiment with the form, length and content as you like but be sure to include all the words (the order will be of your choosing).
● Roses


Bushra Naqshbandi
Bushra Naqshbandi
Srinagar, Kashmir, India


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