The African Journey  May 9, 2009 - August 31, 2009

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Life-changing Poem - Last Song
Thoughtful Poem - Christmas on the Streets of Johannesburg
Ingenious Poem - South Africa, My Hell
Fantastic Poem - Oliphant
Superb Poem - Haiku Serengeti Life
Excellent Prose - An Ethiopian Mother


Write a story or poem about Africa. You need to grab my attention and show me what happens there. I am going to work out what to do for a prize. Whether compiling the winners into an internet Anthology.

I am doing this to raise the profile for the trip to Gambia I am trying to carry out, about thirty scouts from the UK are going to Gambia to help renovate a school and help the community out for a month between 10th December 2009 and the 10th January 2010.

This trip will cost 1,500 pounds and i need as much help as possible to raise these funds. This money will pay for food, building materials, equipment we need to use, etc. I will be sleeping in a tent for the month and it will be a hard life changing experiance.

I intend on getting a website up and running withing the month to promote and see if i can add a link to get donations.

Remember the piece has to be about Africa


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John Morris
John Morris
Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom


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