The Altar of Bruised Knees and Hollow Hearts  April 24, 2010 - May 1, 2010

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A Soul for Redemption - [writing deleted]
A Soul for Transendence - Clothes Make A-men
A Soul for Enlightenment - A Graceless Tale
A Soul for Tomorrow - poem: The Rise of a New Biryonim


That sounds loftier than it is! What I'm looking for is experiences within the circles of theology that have left you bitter or jaded in respect to organized religion. Did it drive you away? What was it? How are you trying to make sense of it all? We all have stories - I wanna see them work out in gripping poems that show the confusion or despair and the common ground you gain in dealing with it. Any scheme is welcome - just rip it from your heart and pound it into your keys!


Cool Handless Luke
Cool Handless Luke
Mounds, OK


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