The Beasties  April 25, 2008 - May 31, 2008

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So Awesome U Get The Free Book Award - A Pig In A Cage On Antibiotics
Fantastic At This Writing Stuff Award - It Comes, With Sharp Teeth
Great At This Writing Stuff Award - Mill
Damn Good At This Writing Stuff Award - The Tiger
Moving Way Up In The World Of Writing Award - Speedbump


Give me your best poetry or short stories (1,100 words) on animals, domestic animals or wild animals, even mythological animals & beasts or those animals with reference to gods (ie - Anubis). You can write about them in any way you like, such as using the animals themselves or their aspects to reflect emotion, or write about their colors, patterns or characteristics, etc. Feel free to be creative. Please keep it clean, with minimum cursing and no sexually explicit scenes, though poetic erotica tastefully done is accepted. Please keep short stories to 1,100 words maximum.

Note: I will mail the 1st Place Prize ("Write Now!: Fiction Writing Exercises From Today's Best Writer's & Teachers") to the winner at my own expense, which means they'll have to give me a mailing address. Plus they get the usual blue ribbon on their profile.



1st Place gets "Now Write!: Fiction Writing Exercises From Today


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