The Best Poem that entails of; any particular "life struggle"  April 27, 2017 - May 4, 2017

Contest Completed


Best Written Poem Based Upon a life struggle - Trapped in torment
"Honorable Mention" for a Poem Based Upon a life struggle - The Cuts Get Deeper


Any Poem that relates of to a life struggle of some kind. This must be a poem that specifically relates to the struggle. Not based on the "aftermath"or "before point" that it started (though it can be included in part, it cannot be based on the whole "aftermath" or the whole "before point" of struggling) but the struggle itself. This situation/struggle point can consists of your own personal struggle, struggles within a group, or someone else struggle entirely as long as it stays true to what the contest specifically entails.


$20, Also a really Good review on 3 of your poems (including your winning one)! Of course I'm going to leave a review if your that good your poem won!



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