The Best of [Blasphemous!] Biblerotica  September 1, 2008 - December 1, 2008

Contest Completed


Jesus H. Christ Award in the genre Biblerotica - [writing deleted]
Mary T. Virgin Award in the genre Biblerotica - [writing deleted]
Three Wise Men Award in the genre Biblerotica - [writing deleted]


Who can create the most brilliant, raunchy, taboo; heart-attack-inducing poetic gemstone that centers around (bluntly-put), Biblical figures engaging in scandalous acts?

- must focus upon (or, at least, include) sexual, "X-rated" themes
- must involve characters from the Bible, however, other characters are fine *in addition*
- can be humorous, serious, or something entirely different, so long as you make it work
- must be an original work, however, Divine Inspiration may aid in your writing
- can be any length you see fit.

Hint: If you imagine that sharing this aloud with your great-grandma, preacher, next-door-neighbor, or first-grade grandson may be detrimental to their health and general state of well-being, then you have a good indicator that you at least qualify for this contest.


My highest of praises and genuine props, the mp3 "Rock Me Sexy Jesus" (play it at home!, in the car!, in the shower...wherever you please!), and $3.50 from your local church collection tin.


Cleveland, OH


Created Sep 1, 2008