The Best of the Best of the Best, Sir!  June 4, 2011 - July 4, 2011

Contest Completed


First Place - [writing deleted]
Second Place - Golden Child
Third Place - [writing deleted]


I want your best story. It can be about anything at all. But you can only submit one so make sure it's one that you are absolutely certain is worthy of a win. (and don't submit something that I need to read other stories to understand) There can only be three winners and you've got a month to do it, so good luck!
Oh, and a fair warning, I have a habit of reading only half of someones writing and then ignoring the rest because I get bored, so make it interesting!


$0.00, A congradulations email. And a badge on your profile, if this is your first contest win.


Portland, ME


51 Contestants
51 Submissions
Created Jun 4, 2011

To the woods and back.
A group of soldiers enter a haunted forest to deliver a message to the inhabitants.
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