The Blue rose cafe challenge, How much do you love books?  March 21, 2015 - April 10, 2015

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You would have heard this adage

"A room without books, is a life without soul"

Books in our lives, play a significant role. Books, are the greatest examples of God's magnanimity. What, is it, if it is not a gift by God?

Now, The Blue Rose Cafe is giving you a platform, to express your love for books. Prove, how much you love books. There are no restrictions upon its structure(metre, rhyme etc), it can be either free verse or rhyming.

One rule is mandatory. you should mention the name of this contest in your Author's Note or description of poem.

Winners, will be selected by members of TBRC members.

Good luck!

(This contest is only open for writers form 13-18 years, writing from above the age will be discarded)


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Created Mar 21, 2015