The Challenge: Poem Prompt 1  December 2, 2014 - December 5, 2014

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Redefining Regular - A Screaming Mute
No Longer Ordinary - Spare change
Opened My Eyes - where do I belong?


"I, who am only an incomprehensible
Bit of scribble
On some Warehouse wall
Or some subway entrance.

Matchstick figure
Heart pierced by arrow,
Scratch of a meter maid
On a parked hearse.

CRAZY CHARLIE in red spraypaint
Crowding for warmth
With other unknown divinities
In an underpass at night."
- Tattooed City by Charles Simic

Here's the deal: Simic took something common, irritating, sometimes vulgar, and usually ignored and turned it into this poem. Amazing? Yes. So you should do the same.
Write about something you think is so commonplace that no one else would ever think to write about it. I will be disregarding any love poetry because I'm in a mood. Also, love is really unoriginal.


Satisfaction and perhaps a smiley face


A Scribbler Named Bek
A Scribbler Named Bek
That one that has snow in the winter. And the spring. And the fall, UT


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