The Clam Before the Storm  September 19, 2007 - October 7, 2007

Contest Completed


King Malaprop (1st Place) - Mr. Yoder\'s Clams
Clamayto, Clamahto (2nd Place) - [writing deleted]


This line was an obvious typo in a comment left me by Howie (unless it's a Navy expression of which I'm unaware), but I liked the sound of it and wrote an immediate silly poem in response.

The Clam Before the Storm

The antipasto was delish!
I thought the night was going well;
But sharing the raw seafood bar
Uncovered a true date from Hell.

I�d ordered Lobster Thermidor
(He�d said to splurge, that it was fine);
But I detected something strange
After we�d downed the first House Wine.

Two bottles later, I could see
My date had kept a running tab,
From that first clam (a dollar each)
To the last New York Cheesecake slab.

Accountants! He had worked it out:
A drink, a kiss; a tit for tat �
Accordingly I �owed� him love;
Even half drunk, I�d not want that!

Love is love, and can be a feast;
But watch those for whom pay�s the norm.
Filthy lucre�s in bad taste �
The clam before the storm.

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write some poetry or prose, serious or not, using that line as a lynch pin.


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Created Sep 19, 2007