The Collaborative Writing Group Challenge  February 29, 2008 - April 6, 2008

Contest Completed


Group Challenge Winner - [writing deleted]
Group Challenge runner-up - The Elevator
Group Challenge 3rd place - Til Death Do Us Part
- The Agony of Silence
- Now As One
- ^ STATIC ^
- The Break
- The Make Up


This is the first Collaboration Writing Group challenge.

The picture shows the prompt. You can interpret it however you like.
But it must in someway be based on the image.
What�s happening/happened? Let your imaginations run wild.
Find your collaborator(s) and write a piece on the picture. It can be of what ever genre you like.

1. The only requirement is all writers must be members of the group to enter. You will have to decide which member will enter the work.
2. Only one member may enter the piece.
3. You may enter one different piece each.
4. Each piece must state clearly the member(s) you wrote it with.

The 1st place piece will be featured in the group as featured writing
The collaborating writers will in turn become featured writer.
Find your partners and get writing, and have fun.
Not sure on the rules then please, please ask me!!


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