The Creative Writers Contest   February 17, 2010 - May 15, 2010

Contest Completed


Moderator's Top Choice - The Marionette


In this contest, I want creative writers to submit unique works that they can define as their own. A definite style that is different from the common poet and author. I want to be able to visualize all the emotions, ideas, and thoughts interwoven into your work, that I can come to a realization of the underlining meaning in which you wish to portray in words. No submissions will go unnoticed, and will be carefully evaluated by me and my chosen peers. So come and submit a piece of writing of your preference; to show occasional onlookers and me, how creative you really are.


$0.00, The only prize is the recognition of how well your writing is compared to others. Only write if you have a true desire for writing; not for an ambition to win materialistic prizes.


J.V. Alexander
J.V. Alexander
Greensburg, KY


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Created Feb 17, 2010