The Darkest Places  July 27, 2012 - August 3, 2012

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1st Place- Is there a purpose of life? - [writing deleted]
2nd Place- Is chosing escape really that bad? - Will it end?
3rd Place- Why hang on when there's nothing left to hang on to? - Sipping Inspiration
4th Place- If you smile to hide the pain, what happens when your smile falls out of place? - Emotionless
5th Place- Isn't is easier to sink, not swim? - [writing deleted]
6th Place- If no one cares, why are we even here? - The moonlight lullaby
7th Place- Is there even any good left in the world? - Feelings of a teen
8th Place- Who do you turn to if no one is there for you? - Demons


I want something sad, heartbreakingly sad. I want something depressing, that makes me lose all faith in life. I want something that will transport me, transport me to the darkest, most hopeless places of your mind. I want to sob uncontrollably, to scream, to hurt, to feel your emotion. If you have a poem or story that will do that, that writing is what I want.


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