The Deep End  April 5, 2011 - May 1, 2011

Contest Completed


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - The Black Goldfish
You should see a shrink - Sanctum
That's not right... - Hello, My Name is Tom


Write something odd, peculiar, weird, strange, or bizarre. I'm looking for creative and original ideas (as opposed to regurgitated plot twists). It can be a poem, or a story, or anything really, so long as it is well written and unusual. grotesque is ok, but try not to be obscene for obscenity's sake. That's not weird. It's just silly.

Also, try to make it under 10 pages.


$0.00, 10,000 internets for 1st, 5,000 internets for 2nd, and warm-fuzzies for 3rd


Tony Williams
Tony Williams
San Diego, CA


30 Contestants
49 Submissions
Created Apr 5, 2011

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