The Dilemma   May 7, 2013 - May 27, 2013

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The Creator - My Dusty Soul
The Changeling - Inhuman
Alter Destiny - A Butterly Flapping Its Wings
Fueled with ideas - A Dish Best Served Cold
The Wanderer - Loneliness


Hey welcome to another KeeD contest. In this one i'd like participants to submit a poem/short story/chapter on being in a dilemma. One person, two roads , One Choice.. Make it juicy, interesting, full of suspense!

Definition of dilemma : A dilemma is a problem offering two possibilities, neither of which is practically acceptable. One in this position has been traditionally described as "being on the horns of a dilemma", neither horn being comfortable.


Keegan D'souza
Keegan D'souza
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