The Elements  February 11, 2011 - May 11, 2011

Contest Completed


Hells yeah!!! You won!!! - The storm
Ooooooh, I really like it. - The Wind
Oooh, I like - The Ocean's Blessing


Ok so I've decided to create a contest in which entries must be written about an element: fire, water, earth or air. Describe what it means to you, the significance of it in a certain era of your life or why you find it theraputic? Or something else? As long as it is about one element.

Contest will be open for a few months as I currently have exams and will need something to do over summer whilst waiting on my results. =)


The knowledge that you won


&#9805 Kirstin ♎
♍ Kirstin ♎
None of your buissiness, Scotland, United Kingdom


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Created Feb 11, 2011

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