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It would be nice to see how you think this short story should end. See where your mind takes you. Finish what I started.
She slid into the bucket seat beside me. It wasn't even my car, but I felt good. I was in control. While she was getting buckled in, I allowed my eyes to roam over her lithe body, noting her supple breasts above her flat stomach. She was going to be so much fun. I checked the traffic in the mirrors and pulled the car back out onto the highway.

"Hi!", I said cheerfully. "I'm G."

She leaned back against the leather seats and turned to smile at me, "Hi back, I'm Nicole. How far are you going?"

"I have no plans, Nicole. How far did you need to go? It looks like a nice afternoon for cruising to me."

I shifted the car into fourth gear and pushed the pedal down another inch or so. It was time to put some air under the wheels.


When the contest is over, I'll post my ending and we'll see whose story kicks my story's butt! :P


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