The Endless War  June 25, 2010 - July 3, 2010

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Angels and Demons...the immortal combatants in and endless war that has stretched on for a millenium. I want to hear some unique and interesting stories involving these two fearless sides. It doesn't matter which is the main focus of your story, just try and make it interesting and unique. Any twists you put in will be smiled upon by me.

1. Must be between 5 and 20 paragraphs long. I don't want it too short, yet I might have multiple submissions, so I don't want it above 20. Well, if push comes to shove you can go to 21-22 if you really get into the story.

2. Actually that was about it. It doesn't really matter if your story involves a fight between demons and angels, or the life of an angel/demon, etc. etc. I just want stories that are centered around angels, demons, or both.

Well, that is about it. Good luck!


My admiration and gratitude for entering the contest, but other than that? Nothing.


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