The Extravagant and Fanatical Fantasy Satire Contest  September 18, 2016 - October 4, 2016

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Artificer of the Highest Order - A Tale of a certain Strawberry
Artificer of the Almost Highest Order - The Magik Only An Apprenticeship Can Bring
Artificer of the Not Quite Highest but Still Worthy of Hearty Recognition Order - Beyond The Road


I've been reading a lot of dark and heavy fantasy books lately. It's depressing. Too much gloom and doom and taking oneself too seriously. I'm in the mood for something lighter. Take my favorite genre and add some foppishness and a dash of ironic wit.

All standard tropes are fair game plus anything else you can muster. Wow us. Surprise us. Leave us hungry for more. It's all up to the vote of your fellow peers. Bring it on.

Happy writing!


The satisfaction that you have done the thing.



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Created Sep 18, 2016