The Girl, The Pinnapple, or The Goat  August 27, 2011 - September 12, 2011

Contest Completed


The Girl - Darkness Reigns
The Pinnapple - Cut my crown!!
The Goat - [writing deleted]


Okay, here's the deal, I want you to write a poem about one of the things listed below. Chose carefully because you can only write about one. The title can be whatever you would like it to be but it must relate to one of the options. The poem does not need to rhyme, but it would be better if it did, unless it's a wonderful poem, which it will of course be!

Option 1:
A girl who is being burried alive (it can be told by her perspective or narrative)

Option 2:
A raw pinnapple (again, this one can be told by it's perspective - kind of like a thinking pinnapple - or narrative)

Option 3:
A love poem about a goat falling for a lion. (It must be narrative or told from the goats perspective, not the lions)



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Created Aug 28, 2011