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The Great Lesbian Poetry Contest  February 17, 2008 - March 2, 2008

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Sexy Hot Lesbian of the Week! - the bouncing kiss.
You Temptress you! - Rendezvous
Oh, Seductive One! - [writing deleted]
Snaps to you, Girl! - words.
A three-finger salute! - [writing deleted]
You've earned the right to Strut! - [writing deleted]
Walk tall; You are a lesbian after all! - The Slow Grind


After all, isn't being a lesbian great?
Hey, I don't care if it's free flow or rhyming time, just write it!
True or imagined, hot and heavy, or lovable and romantic, take your pick!
Make me laugh, make me inspired, or make me horny - just go for it!
Spelling is the only thing that counts, so dig out your Websters!
Do you have to be a lesbian to enter? No. But you better fake it real good!
You have 12 days left, what are you waiting on?


$0.00, My undying faithfulness, yeah, right!


Chapel Hill, NC


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Created Feb 17, 2008