The Hell of Loneliness  October 12, 2010 - October 27, 2010

Contest Completed


Champion : The Overall Brilliant Lonely Poem - I had a dream.
1st runner up : The Most Beautiful Lonely Poem - Nobody Understands Me!
2nd runner up : The Most Creative Lonely Poem - Blank
3rd runner up - Lonely
4th runner up - Invisible
5th runner up - A Single Tear
6th runner up - A day in the life of Zoe
7th runner up - Miss Invisible
8th runner up - Lonely
9th runner up - The ripping of a heart


enter any type writing that talks about a person who is so lost in loneliness....don't know what to feel just loneliness....don't know what to do just cry and cry in all the loneliness and hurting:(


Jas Alejandrino Ramos
Jas Alejandrino Ramos
Pampanga, Philippines


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