The Inevitable Appointment  October 25, 2007 - December 31, 2007

Reading and Deliberating


What if you knew the exact day, perhaps even the hour of your own death? How would it cause you to live differently, or respond to the world and the people in it? We live in a culture that fears death, ignores it even. This is one appointment that no one will miss... for it comes to us all. I would like to hear your points of view on this subject - of facing finality. Describe for me through poetry, essay or non fiction writing of your choice. I am not looking for morbid, fatalistic, emo- angst here, but for serious, mature exposition of how life would change if we could "pencil in" the date and time of our exit. This is part of a socio-psychological study I am doing on demystifying death. For a moment remove the "taboo," step outside of your cultural or religious box, and let yourself creatively explore this provocative inevitablity.


Sorry no cash, but horizon expansion once again awaits...


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C.J. Klein
C.J. Klein
Red Wing, MN


Created Oct 25, 2007

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