The Innocence and Simplicity of Childhood  February 20, 2010 - March 31, 2010

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(1st) Wow, That Was Simply Amazing. You Captured The Image of Childhood Perfectly In Words! - Waiting for the Sun Together.
(2nd) Superb. You Really Brought Back Fond Memories, And Have a Great Grasp of the Innocence! - [writing deleted]
(3rd) That Brought A Smile Upon My Face, and Brought Back Many Nostalgic Feelings. Kudos! - When Did This Happen?
(4th) Good Job, the Writing Definately Captured the Simple Bliss of Childhood. - The Imagination of a Child


Childhood,when the hardest decision was picking a crayon to colour with. When you think of the naive bliss... You get warm feelings all over, at least I do. I want a poem or short story that will bring back the memories and joys of childhood, something bright yet melancholy... Something that will bring a tear to my eye and make me think back to the good old days!


The Satisfaction of Being The Winner and Knowing That You Have Great Talent!




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Created Feb 20, 2010

Misty-eyed Girl
Confronting yourself
It's anything you want it to be, and maybe everything you hate it for, but relatable none the less.