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The Jabberwock Contest-Nonsense Poems  May 6, 2011 - May 30, 2011

Contest Completed


That was awesome! - [writing deleted]


I fell in love with nonsense poetry when I did Lewis Carroll's poem "The Jabberwocky". Thus, I decided to make this contest. I want you to make your own poetry full of nonsense words, but here's the catch: Carroll's nonsense words often were combined words or words he gave a special meaning to so......make sure your poem has a line of thought even if it is, technically, nonsense. If the poem is mostly english words, I'll automatically reject it. This is a nonsense contest, not a "throw in a few nonsense words here and there and it'll be fine" contest. If you want some encouragement, check out my poem called Friggernactic Turneasels. Overall, have fun! This is supposed to be a challenging yet fun contest!
Due to a lack of participation, I'm changing the ribbons to only 1st prize. I feel too bad to actually cancel the contest, so I'm just going to do that. Sorry!


$00000, Ribbons




5 Contestants
8 Submissions
Created May 7, 2011