The Jaffa Forbes 'I Don't Care' Award  October 24, 2007 - October 27, 2007

Contest Completed


The Honoury Jaffa Forbes Award - [writing deleted]
Gold - [writing deleted]
Silver - [writing deleted]
Bronze - [writing deleted]
The Award for Most Random Word - [writing deleted]
The Award for the Poem that Makes No Sense - [writing deleted]
The Special Pie in The Face Award for the Most Comical Poem - [writing deleted]


Hello...hello... New here - don't know how good the website is at all... This is a contest for YOU to show ME a poem that came from your HEART. I don't care what type. i don't care what language. i don't care how good it is, I don't care how long it is. i don't care if you never wanted to publish it...becasue hey, I don't care!


Please enter, there is no cash prize because I'm poor. But I love reading poetry from other people so it will be nice to hear some.

Feel free (or make sure) to join The Archetypes Poet Group. Standing for all things. And that's it, friends.

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Jaffa Forbes
Jaffa Forbes
Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom


Created Oct 24, 2007