The Last Line.  October 3, 2013 - October 8, 2013

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1st Place - Apply in person
2nd Place - Revenge
3rd Place - In the eyes of the beholden
Runner Up - Sliver
Honorable Mention - 22.04.1983


More often than not, the last line of a story will really sum everything up. In horror, however, writers like to change that. The last line in horror is meant to send the ice-cold breath of fear down your back making your hair stand on end. That's what I want.

The story can only be posted if it qualifies as a short story. (No Novellas)

The judging will not be solely on your last line but also how well it is written.

The story posted can be one you've already written, or if you wish to write a new one, that is also acceptable.



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