The Mistakes We Make  March 8, 2008 - April 30, 2008

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Winner - [writing deleted]
Runner Up - But I still love you
Third - Pain, Without Love


Have you ever done something that you've sincerely regretted? Something that, to this very day, you still toss and turn over; cheating on a loved one, injuring someone in a drunk driving accident that was your fault, etc. We've heard enough from the victims on Writerscafe. Now it's time for the perpetrators to voice their guilty feelings. Again, I'm looking for feelings of GUILT AND REMORSE. No crackpot, serial killer pieces about killing and being proud. This is a chance to exorcise some serious inner demons, and the winner will be the person who is not only the most poetic and heartfelt, but the person who is the most honest with the evil they have committed in the past.




Chris Zahar
Chris Zahar
Uiwang, South Korea


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