The Moral Code  March 7, 2008 - April 7, 2008

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Lives and Dies for Moral - The Next Time You See, Charlie.
Lives for Moral - [writing deleted]
Lives for Moral - Brendan\'s Bulls
Cares about Moral - [writing deleted]
Cares about Moral - Lost Things Found
Moral is an issue - The Church
Moralist in training - What are mothers for ?
Knows Moral when it's there - Body of Christ
Knows Moral when it's there - [writing deleted]
Knows Moral when it's there - Please Let Me Live


This is my first contest, so I'd like to make it count.
Write a piece about anything to do with moral - how moral effects your life, a fictional story about moral, what's moral all about, moral vs. law etc.

Poetry - gets extra credit, even more credit if it rhymes, but will eventually be judged by flow.
Stories and others - nothing too long (NO BOOKS PLEASE!), will be judged by my general interest.
Please make sure you use proper language in whatever you write, though I won't be too hard on you as english isn't my native.
If you submit mature material please make sure it's labeled as such (under audience).

One last thing - don't bring politics into this.
I know how immoral politics could be, but this is not the issue here.


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Yuval Freund
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