The Natural World  November 12, 2009 - December 15, 2009

Contest Completed


You wet the eyes of poets and naturalists alike - Tiny Geometries
Awe inspiring tribute to nature (Excellence in content) - [writing deleted]
Poetry of the highest order (Technical excellence) - Number theory
A beautiful blend of the natural and the artful - Gold Remnant
You make me want to go outside again. - Poem: Metamorphosis Examined
Word Whittler - Midnight Sky~Villanelle
Tree Hugger - The River Cries No More.
Commendable effort - Season\'s Breath
Commendable effort - [writing deleted]
Commendable effort - River Passage


Give me poetry that shows or mulls over the natural world. Whether it's an ode to the nervous system of a newt, a sonnet on the majesty of a mountain, or a haiku about the night sky. If it's something that the natural sciences might study, then give me a poem about it.

Bonus points will be awarded for powerful sensory elements and originality.


Reviews, by yours truly.



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Created Nov 11, 2009