The Night  May 23, 2010 - June 23, 2010

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Above 1st: NIGHMERES! - Raining Blood
1st place: Creepiest! - Must Be Free
2nd place: Creepy! - + BLACKCROSS INN +
3rd place: Scary! - Night Shadows
Awesome!!! - Bloodlust and Torture
Good to get recognition :D - Night/Morning
Honeralbe Mention - Forever Fades Away


Aight, so this is a contest where you can submit any form of writing and that includes a chapter. JUST NO BOOKS! If it's a story it has to be at least 3 paragraphs, a poem; has to be at least 10 lines and a haiku ; has to be long form
Got it? good. Now here's the thing, you have to describe the dark and dead of the night in the creepiest way possible. can be fantasy, too. that doesn't technically mean you have to throw a zombie apocalypse in there. there ARE other ways to write a story or poem or such and make it creepy. And a truly great mind would demonstrate that. but yea.
i don't review but once in a while i might.

btw you have a month starting on MAY 23 2010! you get two shots at this so make 'em well!
Have at it! Have FUN!

Yo if you guys are interested in another contest, copy and paste this link
Please spread word about it, too!

S. Y. Kim


the feeling of awesomeness. :P


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