The Poetry That Comes From Your Bones...  July 31, 2012 - August 5, 2012

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First: You've shaken me - [writing deleted]
Second: You've moved me a bit - Rain
Third: Quite poignant - [writing deleted]
Fourth: Great emotion - Farewell To The Sea
Honourable Mention - [writing deleted]
Honourable Mention - Light and Darkness


Your most raw piece that you are willing to share. Give me something charged with emotion. Maybe it be happy, sad, angry, excited, what ever you please, but I WILL NOT ACCEPT erotica or any kind of fan fiction piece. I am under eighteen and will not read your erotica pieces. Fan fictions--strictly in my opinions--are ridiculous and difficult to read.


I may read your piece at a poetry reading...With credit, of course!


Falling Leaf.
Falling Leaf.
In the Woods, IA


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