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Redneck Contest - 1st Place - Gold Star Trophy - [writing deleted]


Rednecks are always fun to write about!

Your job is to create an awesome male redneck and send him, alone, into McDonald’s for lunch. Tell us the story of what happens!

Not all rednecks are created equal! Is he funny, serious, insane, emotional? Is he tall, midget, young, old, disabled? Is he bald, hippie, hairy, thin, fat, piercings, handsome, ugly, strong, whimpy? What does he order? Does he sit alone or join a stranger? Does he cause problems or rescue a choking kid? Did he use the washroom? Is he straight, gay, bi? The possibilities are endless!

1) Your character is a male redneck.
2) The setting is McDonald’s (home of the Big Mac!) at lunch time.
3) Word count limit: Up to 3,500 words .
4) Any rating (PG through XXX)
5) No Fantasy, No vampires, No super powers. He is a human on planet earth.

General Judging Criteria:
- Don’t worry too much about spelling and grammar – if it’s readable then it’s good.
- The character is really important so make him 3-dimensional!!
- The story should flow and hold interest (beginning, middle, end).
- Rednecks are a source of humor but you don’t need to make me laugh to win. Make me cry maybe? Make me fall in love? Make me wanna be a redneck? Make me want to vote for him for President of his country?

If you enjoyed writing it, then we'll enjoy reading it!

I promise to judge and award winners within 1 week of the contest end date.


No promises, but I'll do my best to review each winner.


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