The Road To Hope 2010  January 14, 2010 - January 31, 2010

Contest Completed


First Prize - You Made Us Believe - you will know the words
Second Prize - You Inspired Us (Tied) - [writing deleted]
Second Prize - You Inspired Us (Tied) - Losses
Third Prize - You Lifted Our Spirits - THE POEM OF LIFE
Honorable Mention - There Is Still Hope - Papillon


Do you know somebody that is on a difficult road, where they have come to a fork on that path: one way leading toward despair and one way leading toward hope?

Have you shared words with another or even perhaps shared words with yourself?

New Year''s is a date we hold dear, with thoughts of a fresh start, resolutions, and a better future. For many that we know and love, the new year has gotten off to a rocky start.

Do you have any words you wish to share to help them or yourself down that road to hope rather than despair?


Recognition by your peers for your positive influence in the lives around you...or even finding something to inspire you.



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Created Jan 18, 2010