The Scenario Contest! #1  May 20, 2012 - May 27, 2012

Contest Completed


Overall Mastermind - Weeping Willow
Best Use of Theme - Paranormal Reluctance
Best Use of Setting - Streaming
Best Use of Object - Lost Gardens
Scenario-Smart! - CAUGHT IN TIME


Welcome to the Scenario Contest!

Let me tell you how it works!

To enter the Scenario Contest, I will give you a scenario to write your story or poem with. It must follow the scenario, and it also needs to be under 3,000 words.

This contest's scenario: A garden is the location, loneliness is the theme/mood. A camera plays some part in the story.

The item does not have to play a significant role in the story. Second, the poem or story must take place in a garden through the entire thing. Third, somehow, the feelings of loneliness must be involved with the character(s). This means that the person can be discussing loneliness with him/herself, one of them could be lonely, etc. You can get creative with that theme in any way you see fit.

You may enter as many times as is allowed, which is nine times!
Have fun! :)


$0.00, the joy of winning!


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