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You know what hell is, and know how to deal with it.. - Its not supposed to hurt
You know how to deal with pain well.. - Victim of love
You dont put up with misuse - [writing deleted]
Good advice - [writing deleted]


I held one of these contests before and had only one entry
But, alas, I shall try again and this time it will run longer!

So any writing is accepted, you can even just write it like you
are giving advice to a friend or yourself(haha), just what ever you wanna do!
I want to read ALL types!

Warning: It may look long, but I am just trying to explain it well.

Situation Story:

Let us say that you or someone you know is in a relationship. The
relationship has been solid for three years. For a year and a half
he/she was really nice, sweet, and simply perfect in every way possible.
He/she lives with you at your parents house, and your parents adores him/her.
Everyone you know expects the two of you to get married and make children together.
Your mom/dad/guardian thinks the world of him and he does pay rent to help yourparents out.

But for the rest of the years th person changed. They became violent, started leavingbruises on you and choking you, yelling at you, a typical "wife beater" or"husband beater" attitude. This happened every now and then, but not everyday. More like once or twice a month. It really messed with your head because, he/she would be horrible to you, then turn into a total sweet heart and simply perfect once again. You asked this person "You was never like this when we first started dating, so why the sudden change.". And they replied "I have always been this way I was only nice to you because I wanted you to like me". You say "But I fell in love with the person you was before, not the person you are now."

So you discuss these problems with a trusted sibiling and many friends. They all tell you that no one deserves that treatment, you should get out before it is too late, and that maybe you should just be friends or go on a break. But you truly are in love with him and you do love him with all your heart.

So if you or someone you know was in this situation what exactly would you do? Stay with him because he does help the gents out, everyone expects it, you truly love him. OR. Take a break and see what happens, break up with him and see where that road leads you, or just be friends to see how that goes and try to find happiness else where.

I am sorry that is so long, just wanted to give enough information to guide ya'll on ya'll's way :). So yeah ALL WRITING ACCEPTED. Let me here your thoughts, advice, ect.

Thanks for reading all that ;)


You should be a therapist!


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