The Sky is the Limit - describe a scene  July 9, 2007 - August 2, 2007

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For every entry I want you to pick a scene. It could be a snowy sncene, fall scene, etc. Whatever you can think of. But I super detailed description of it. Like 'The fire colored leaves trembled in the wind as the wafted just barely above the frozen ground that held there fallen friends.' Or even "the heat from the sun was so intense it made his brow quiver in the cool sweat that poured from his hair line. the silver pistol in his hand seemed to gleam brighter than the sun though, and with one pull of its trigger..." Well something like that. The sky is the limit!
You can enter up to 5 times, past that is a little crazy. And I really mean describe every detail. i want to feel like I'm really there.


The ability to tell everyone that you won a descriptive writing contest and you were chosen instead of hundreds (hopefully) other contestants. :-)


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Created Jul 9, 2007

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