The Slam  March 3, 2008 - March 20, 2008

Contest Completed


First - give \'em the boot
Second - [writing deleted]
Third - Who Am I?
Honorable Mention - Words That Stop The World
Honorable Mention - \"THE GAMES YOU PLAYED\"


submit you best performance pieces - lots of emotion and feeling
don't know what a poetry slam is? look it up online.

1) great poetry uses images that have never been used before - think contrasting - I don't want to see repeats

2) Sure, life sucks and your girlfriend dumped you, your boyfriend cheated. Unless you can say it in a totally original way - I don't care. angst gets a bit annoying after two poems...

3) swears are allowed, but keep the graphic sex to yourself

4) I want to feel attitude and hear the poem in my head - I'll do must best to clear confusion up, but here's a hint - most of the world reads on a 3rd/6th grade level - complex words and ideas won't help you get points across, especially when you are talking loud/soft/fast/slow, etc.

5) Under 200 lines - if my mind starts to wander then I'll drop it, possibly come back later - but this is about powerful connections, and if I miss that connection, then it drops me into a hole

good luck


A cool badge thingy and the posting of your poem on my blog


Not Afraid of Bruises
Not Afraid of Bruises
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